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A group of international students at Garin College, with hands clasped in the swasti ("well being" or "kia ora") greeting posture ubiquitious in many south, south-east and east Asian countries.
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Mass times: Richmond, Wakefield, Waimea West, Tapawera

Second Week of Advent in Year A
4-10 December 2016

I’ve always been pretty good at that spontaneous, one-day event. I’m not talking about sport, but that other ‘one-day event’ - the explosively joyous culmination of our spiritual journey of Advent, known as Christmas Day!

As I’ve grown older and (I hope!), become a little more patient, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of journeys, even as I anticipate each arrival. The best journeys are, after all, more than simply a set of steps towards a desired point. As expressions of our will, they reveal what matters to us most, so we do well to appreciate each journey, even as we anticipate its end. I’m once again reminded of poet Ruth Padel’s observation that, as humans, we are ‘travelling animals’. Padel’s alluding to our capacity to ‘wander’ but, at Advent, our journey is connected more directly to its destination, one deeply central to our Christian identity. Early Christians saw their Advent journey as a season of preparation, anticipating the baptism of new Christians. We see our Advent journey also as one of preparation, tempered by our special sense of calm and quiet reflection, as we focus with increasing intensity on the joy of Christ’s first coming, in the hopeful anticipation of his second.

So, however you come to know and express yourself through this season of Advent, I hope you find that prayer is a way to help you cut through distractions, and to live each moment

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Christmas Masses (Local area)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Richmond
Tuesday: 11:30am (see also here)
Wednesday: 9:30am
Friday: 9:30
Sunday: 9:30am
St Joseph's: Wakefield
Sunday: 8am
Thursday: 9:30am

St Peter Chanel, Motueka
Sunday: 11am
Saturday: 5pm(Vigil Mass)

Sacred Heart, Takaka
Sunday: 5pm

Sts Peter & Paul: Waimea West
4th Saturday of the month 5pm

Parish of the Holy Family: Nelson and Stoke
Mass times

By appointment with Fr Seph or Fr Pat

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