Catholic Parishes of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Richmond,Wakefield, Waimea West; St Peter Chanel, Motueka and Sacred Heart, Takaka, New Zealand NZ
Father Andrew Kim our new Assistant Parish Priest joins Saint Paul's School classrooms and for prayer and makes time to get to know the students. He can be found in classrooms and playing on the sports teams.
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Mass times: Richmond, Wakefield, Waimea West, Tapawera

8th Week in Ordinary Time in Year A: 26 February - 4 March 2017

At the end of one of our recent Thursday morning meditation sessions, we were given the following extract:

“Walking Jesus’ ‘narrow little path that leads to life’, the Buddha’s ‘middle way’ or St Benedict’s ‘nothing in excess’, requires balance. The balance of moderation demands vigilance to avoid falling into extremism. Moderation may make for less exciting news items but it is in fact more thrilling because it awakens the senses and the intelligence on higher levels.  It avoids dullness and enhances enjoyment of the truth. In the business world, ‘stability’ is seen as necessary for investment and productivity. Usually this means no more than ‘peace as the world gives it’, provisional and easily upset short-term solutions.  The peace of Christ, however, arises from the heart of reality not from its surface weather patterns. A conscious contact (not just a self-conscious experience” is necessary to transmit this peace into the human, from the heart itself.  Politics, business or religion, without heart are unable to make the world a better place.”  (Meditatio Newsletter, December 2016, Fr Laurence Freeman)

We are about to enter the season of Lent, a good time to go within our hearts and seek the peace of Christ. There are a number of groups in this parish that facilitate times of quiet prayer that will help us in this regard.


Lay Pastoral Leader

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Mass and reconciliation  ✝

Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Richmond
Tuesday: 11:30am
Wednesday: 9:30am
Friday: 9:30
Sunday: 9:30am
St Joseph's: Wakefield
Thursday: 9:30am
Sunday: 8am

St Peter Chanel, Motueka
Saturday: 5pm (Vigil Mass)
Sunday: 9:30am

Sacred Heart, Takaka
Sunday: 5pm

Sts Peter & Paul: Waimea West
4th Saturday of the month 5pm

If there is a funeral Mass it replaces the Mass of the day

Parish of the Holy Family: Nelson and Stoke
Mass times

By appointment with Fr Seph, Fr Andrew or Fr Pat

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